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wonder foundation

In spring 2016, I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in London, England. As part of my program, I was able to complete an internship for course credit at a local business, the WONDER Foundation.
WONDER (Women’s Network for Development and Educational Resources) Foundation is an educational nonprofit dedicated to providing assistance and opportunities to young girls, women, and their communities, both locally and abroad. Through the organization, over 50,000 women and girls have been able to graduate from school and obtain gainful employment to support both themselves and their families.

As their communications intern, I utilized their visual identity to create a series of illustrations and graphics to be used for their website and various social media campaigns. My goal for these images was to use colors and patterns that fit with the organization's goal of spreading its message of education and empowerment in women across the globe. 
To learn more about WONDER Foundation's mission or to make a donation, visit their website at

Indian Girl (PNG).png
Teamwork 2 (African and Asian) (PNG).png
Teamwork (Indian) (PNG).png
Point 4 (ending poverty about lives) PNG
Family (PNG).png
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